How to Have the Most Fun at Lollapalooza

Chicago's largest music festival is back!  This weekend, Lollapalooza will bring 300,000 music fans and 140 musical acts to the heart of the city, Grant Park.  Lollapalooza is a big festival, and there's no shortage of fun to be had.  Music festivals are inherently fun... well, assuming you like music festivals.  But there are some basic things you can do to make sure you're not too burnt out after day one, and that you're able to have the most fun possible.  Here are some tips.

Make a Plan

If you haven't already, take a look at the lineup and have a general idea of your big targets.  That is, who do you for sure want to see?  Shoot for those, and everything else in between can be flexible.  Don't be the guy who has the entire day planned out hour by hour - that's just not fun. With that being said, Lollapalooza is a big festival (geographically and attendance-wise).  Grant Park stretches more than 1 mile in length - it's safe to assume you will walk several miles each day at this festival, so plan accordingly.


Part of the music festival experience is going with the flow, being "free" and exploring.  So, while it doesn't hurt to have a soft plan in place, feel free to break that plan and go wherever the wind blows you.  Meet some strangers, find some shade and relax, go listen to a band you've never heard before.  

Go Cashless

This, friends, is convenience at it's best!  Ever lost a wallet, ran out of cash, or both?  Last year, Lollapalooza introduced "Cashless" - the ability to link your festival wrist band to your credit card and purchase food and drinks simply by tapping your wristband on a scanner and entering a pin number.  If you haven't set this up yet, you should.  Learn more here

Pack a Bag

If you're planning on being at the festival all day, you might want to consider bring a small backpack.  The festival allows you to bring two factory sealed bottles of water which you can refill at various water stations throughout the day.  If you're a hardcore dancer, bring an extra shirt, a head band, your glow sticks, whatever you need.  Also, SUN BLOCK - you want this.  

Stay Hydrated

This is important.  The festival is an exciting experience, and sometimes you lose track of time, and your own personal state of mind.  Set the beer down for a minute and drink some water. You'll thank yourself the next day.  I'm personally a fan of bringing a CamelBak, the smaller ones hold enough water for a good chunk of the day, and they have pockets to store some of the above mentioned items.  Drink water!

Last, but not least.  Have a shit load of fun, you maniacs.