Volunteering at City Farm, one of Chicago's Sustainable Urban Gardens

A few weeks ago I organized a volunteering event with my coworkers.  We left the office early and headed to City Farm, an urban sustainable farm located where the Cabrini Green public housing projects used to sit.  The purpose of this activity was to get out of our comfort zone, learn something new, and share new conversations and laughs.  


Not only was this a great experience with my colleagues, it was an inspiring event that taught me about a topic we all should know a little more about; Urban and Sustainable Farming.  

We were lucky enough to get to meet and talk with Ken Dunn (above), founder of The Resource Center.  Check out the video above to learn more about what he's doing for the city of Chicago.  

Want to volunteer?  Here's what you need to know.

The information below was provided by City Farm

City Farm
204 N Clybourn Avenue
Chicago, IL 60610

What to Expect

Farming is hard work! Come prepared to get dirty and sweaty. Depending on the season, you may expect to do things like:

  • Weeding (lots of weeding)
  • Tilling the soil
  • Hauling & spreading resources like compost, mulch, or straw
  • Picking up garbage (it is an Urban Farm after all!)
  • Washing equipment
  • Transplanting seedlings or thinning sprouts in the beds

What to Bring

It is super important to be prepared for the weather on the farm. In Chicago, the weather can be unpredictable! Make sure to check the weather the morning of your visit, but be prepared for a sudden change in temperature. It happens.

  • Boots are recommended (even in the summer!)
  • Head gear and/or sunscreen if you need them
  • A water bottle
  • Work gloves (we have extras of these if needed)
  • Rain gear (when appropriate)

What City Farm Provides

We want your visit to be memorable, informative, and inspiring. Our farmers will give you a tour of our operation, including hoop houses, compost, wash/processing area, etc. before putting you to work. We’ll also talk about our mission and impact in Chicago.

We’ll encourage you to taste the food that we’re growing. Plus, we’ll provide a snack.